Call to Entry

To participate in the Fanz championship Africa football game show and also qualify as a studio audience, download the Fanz championship Africa App on your Google playstore/App store, migrate to MTN Pulse on the App if you are not on MTN Pulse and let the games begin.

Procedures for Game Show

  • Fanz championship is a quiz format football driven TV game show for football followers, 3 individuals who form respective teams(families, friends, professional colleagues) to compete. Each team is attached with a celebrity coach for support and mentoring.
  • Questions on the game show will focus mainly on football and the football industry as a whole. This will be anchored by a presenter who will also double as a referee.
  • 16 teams will progress through an intense yet exciting process from elimination through to finals, the winning team get to win N2,000,000 and a community project. There will be other consolation prizes to win on the show.
  • Customers interested in participating in the game show or as part of the studio audience will need to download the app and subscribe to MTN Pulse via the App and then follow a set of instructions from the app.

Call to viewership and engagement

You can participate and win N5000 worth of Airtime in the weekly home play by answering football related questions during transmission. There is also an opportunity for 5 people to win 5,000 Airtime on MTN/Arsenal(Audience Play) per episode.

To engage in this weekly home play, download the Fanz championship App on your google play/App store and migrate to MTN GoodyBag Social via the App and follow set of instructions on the app.

Trophies and Rewards

In addition to the weekly home play, there will be a trophies section that will be exclusive to MTN subscribers via the Fanz Championship Africa App. Everyone will be able to play, but only MTN subscribers will be able to redeem their rewards.

When you engage with the App by either playing with your friends(real-time) or by playing directly with the APP, you earn points which can be redeemed as airtime. Redemption of this reward will be restricted to MTN subscribers who have migrated to MTN GoodyBag social.

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